Ruckus Ridge Farm
Irene, South Dakota


The Garage, Cont.

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The old siding is off  of all of the walls now except the front (North) wall.  The old sheathing on the lower half of the East facing wall was all pretty rotten, so we are removing and replacing in sections.  This was end of day, 10-23-11


We have finished replacing all of the old sheathing on the East wall and have started back on the inside.

Today we started putting up the siding.

house wrap up on two walls
have started with the siding

Siding up on two walls.


Finished siding on all but the front wall.

Started ripping off roof.

Something interesting we noticed after ripping off the trim around the old garage doors.  Apparently, the garage was once almost the exact same color that we have painted the house, and will be painting the garage.  

Finished ripping off the old roof.

Most of the rafters on the north facing side were pretty rotten, so we ended up ripping them out as well.  This will mean a bit more work us, but at least we can straighten up the roof line a bit.

Continued . . .

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